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Dr. Mehrdad Barghian Ph.D., M.Phil., QPIC, C.Chem.

“The most important thing is to always be open to ideas, and to think outside the box without compromising product quality, safety, and regulatory requirements”

Dr. Barghian leverages background in organic synthesis, analytical chemistry, terpene science, and long standing experience in pharmaceutical quality control, quality assurance and regulatory affairs.

Dr. Barghian is also researcher conducting clinical studies on effects of CBD and CBG on mammalian cancer in collaboration with University of Georgia, school of medicine, Georgia, USA. His earlier career as a pharmaceutical R&D and Quality Control leader included positions with Genpharm (now known as Mylan), Apotex, Ciba Vision (now known as Alcon), and Aventis Pasteur (now known as Sanofi Pasteur).

Dr. Barghian earned his M.Phil. and Ph.D. in organic synthesis and analytical Chemistry from University of Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, and completed his CRC (Cancer Research Campaign) Post-doctoral research at the Queen Mary Westfield College, University of London, England.

Dr. Barghian is the president of the International Pharmaceutical Academy (IPA) and lectures throughout the world on numerous GMP compliance, validation, and analytical testing related matters.